Justin Langston is a solo Rock/Pop Recording Artist and Producer from the West Texas town of Kermit.

Fueled by musical influences such as the revolutionary genius Prince, 80s glamour Rock band Def Leppard, classic Texas Blues riffs of Stevie Ray Vaughan and many more. Justin’s sound prescribes his fans a refreshing, self-proclaimed “pain-reliever” from the tragedies of daily life in hopes that, they might choose happiness.Along with his wife of an acoustic guitar Sheila, Justin re-structured his live set in 2013 by adding a “studio to stage” concept. He began recording himself into a loop pedal at live shows, singing harmonies and playing countless phrases on electric guitars, synthesizers and drum pads. Generating before your eyes a hybrid of his loves; Classic Rock, RnB, Blues and Todays Pop. Justin seamlessly performs these elements through intricately composed songs alone on stage.

To the delight of his onlookers and listeners. Just think of the flavors…..Def Leppard’s 1980’s guitar choruses, Prince’s electric beat backbone, Stevie’s guitar solos, stacked underneath the fat synth pads of Phil Collins, embracing the crooners voice comfortably, like sugar on a Top 40 Hip-Hop beat you’d hear bumping in a dream ride.

With a small town up-bringing in dirt covered West Texas, Justin is arriving into his own as a showman performing, recording and producing across the country. His humble roots fuel his passion for pleasing an audience and sharing his love, leaving an encouraging message that,“you should be yourself” Justin is an artist you will hear about for years to come.